Plenary Speakers of SubSeaTECH2014 (as of 4 May 2014)
Leonid BUGROV, Head of the Lab of Aquaculture Innovation Technologies of the Federal Research Institute of Lake and River Fisheries.
Dr. Leonid BUGROV has over 40 years experience in fish biology and aquaculture. His research interest in aquaculture engineering, fish ecology and physiology led to the development of new cage systems based on underwater fish-farming concept. A number of years he worked for conversion of oilrigs to offshore aquaculture with Ministry of Oil-&-Gas Industry of USSR. The first underwater cages have been successfully used near oilrigs since 1987 for farming of sturgeon and salmon fish at the Caspian and Black Seas. Presently working in the field of cage farming and recirculation aquaculture for Russian Federal Agencies and private customers. Working with Sadco-Shelf Ltd., Dr.Bugrov was responsible for project management and installation of cage farms at the Mediterranean Region (Italy) for seabream and seabass production, and Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) for trout farming. He has participated in several international research works including Open Ocean Aquaculture project in University of New Hampshire (USA). At present Dr. Bugrov is the Head of the Lab of Aquaculture Innovation Technologies of the Federal Research Institute of Lake and River Fisheries. He is also a co-founder  and member of the Board of SADKO-SHELF Ltd
Alain HOUARD, Vice President Dassault Systems, Marine & Offshore
Alain Houard joined Dassault Systemes in 1991 as the CATIA Data Management Product R&D lead.In his current position he is in charge of the Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Defense and Federal domains business development. Alain Houard started his carrier at Dassault Aviation in 1985, the French Air Force provider of the Mirage fighters, as the flight test Database Administrator for 3 years.He then took the responsibility of the development of Air Force Pilot Preparation Mission Software in cooperation with several International customers. In 1991, he joined Dassault Systemes as the CATIA Data Management Product R&D lead. Then developed the Virtual Product Data Management Solution software platform.He relocated to the USA in 1995 and became responsible of the Americas Dassault Systemes Technical Support team..He took the lead of the Shipbuilding WW Business Unit in 2000, managing in particular the activities for the development of the next generation Shipbuilding Solution for the US Navy DD(X) program.
John Westwood, Chairman of Westwood and Douglas Ltd
John Westwood is a noted commentator on the energy industries, regularly appearing in international and regional media worldwide. With a background in subsea technology, beginning in the North Sea he spent 12 years in offshore oil & gas industry contracting. He formed his third firm, energy business advisors Douglas-Westwood Limited in 1990. His work on strategies relating to the energy sectors includes oil & gas, conventional and nuclear power generation, renewable energy and energy trading. John is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the Society for Underwater Technology. Established in 1990, Douglas-Westwood is a leading provider of market research and consulting services to the energy industry worldwide. They have completed nearly 1,000 projects for clients in more than 70 different countries and in some 250 niche energy segments. Their clients range from the oil & gas majors and their contractors to financial houses and governments. Douglas & Westwood Ltd  are an independent organisation and their research is supported by proprietary data, insight and knowledge. Their international reach is backed up by with one of the largest sector-focused teams in offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Captain Don Walsh USN, President International Maritime Inc.
Don Walsh is an American oceanographer, explorer and marine policy specialist. He and Jacques Piccard were aboard the bathyscaphe Trieste when it made a record maximum descent into the Mariana Trench on January 23, 1960, the deepest point of the world's oceans. The depth was measured at 35,813 feet (10,916 m), but later and more accurate measurements have measured it at 35,798 feet (10,911 m). Walsh has been associated with ocean science, engineering, and marine policy for more than 50 years. He was commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy upon graduation from the United States Naval Academy in 1954. He attained the rank of Captain by the time he retired. He spent 15 years at sea, mostly in submarines, and was a submarine commander. He worked with ocean-related research and development for the Navy. Serving as Dean of Marine Programs and Professor of Ocean Engineering at the University of Southern California, Walsh initiated and directed the university's Institute for Marine and Coastal Studies. 
Professor Zhenping Weng, Director, China Ship Scientific Research Centre
Prof. Zhenping Weng, director of China Ship Scientific Research Center (CSSRC), as well as a Ph. D supervisor, and head of Ship Vibration and Noise Key Laboratory. He also serves as editorial board of Journal of Ship Mechanics and Measurement and Control Technology. Owing to his outstanding achievement, he was named as Person of the year in 2012 by Scientific Chinese.
Prof. Zhenping Weng joined CSSRC in 1982, and has devoted himself for long to the test and measurement research in ship mechanics, construction and technological innovation of laboratories as well as management issues. In 1990s, he had been a visiting scholar to the British National Engineering Laboratory and Maritime Research Institute Netherlands. In recent years, Prof. Zhenping Weng has devoted himself to the research of deep sea equipment and technology. He has hosted several key projects and proposed prospective and topping ideas and concepts in the field of manned submersibles and other deep sea equipments. He contributes greatly to the further development of China’s deep sea equipment research.
“Her Deepness” Silvya Earle, American oceanographer and  explorer
Silvya Earle is an American oceanographer, explorer, author, and lecturer. Since 1998 she has been a National Geographic explorer-in-residence. Earle was named by Time Magazine as its first Hero for the Planet in 1998. Earle   a research associate at the University of California, Berkeley (1969-1981), Radcliffe Institute Scholar (1967-1969) and research fellow or associate at Harvard University (1967-1981). She led the first team of women aquanauts during the Tektite Project in 1970. In 1979, she made an open-ocean JIM suit dive to the sea floor near Oahu, setting a women's depth record of 381 metres (1,250 ft). From 1980 to 1984 she served on the National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere.  In 1992 she founded Deep Ocean Exploration and Research (DOER Marine) to further advance marine engineering.   Since 1998 she has been a National Geographic explorer-in-residence, sometimes called "Her Deepness". From 1998 to 2002 she led the Sustainable Seas Expeditions, a five-year program to study the United States National Marine Sanctuary sponsored by the National Geographic Society and funded by the Goldman Foundation. She was a leader of the Sustainable Seas Expeditions, council chair for the Harte Research Institute for the Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, and chair of the Advisory Council for the Ocean in Google Earth. She also provided the DeepWorker 2000 submersible used to quantify the species of fish as well as the space resources utilized within the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.
Anatoly Sagalevich, Russian aquanaut  and explorer, Hero of the Russian Federation
Anatoly Sagalevich  is a Russian explorer, who works at the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (USSR Academy of Sciences until 1991) since 1965. Since 1979 he has been the director of the Russian (former Soviet) Deepwater Submersibles Laboratory. He received Doctor of Sciences degree in 1985. Sagalevich took part in the construction of Pisces VIII, Pisces IX and MIR Deep Submergence Vehicles (DSV) and completed more than 300 submersions as the chief pilot of DSVs. Between 1989 and 2005 he led 28 expeditions on MIR DSV. He was the pilot of MIR during expeditions to RMS Titanic, Bismarck, Soviet submarine K-278 Komsomolets, I-52,[2] Russian submarine K-141 Kursk. Sagalevich holds the world record for the deepest fresh water dive, at 1,637 meters (5,371 ft) (in Lake Baikal aboard a Pisces in 1990). On August 2, 2007 Sagalevich was the pilot of MIR-1 DSV, that reached the seabed at the North Pole during Arktika 2007 expedition.  On January 10, 2008 Anatoly Sagalevich was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation for "courage and heroism showed in extremal conditions and successful completion of High-Latitude Arctic Deep-Water Expedition."
Sergey P. Alexeev, D. Tech. Sc. , Professor, Rear Admiral
Sergey Alexeev is Naval Navigator, Hydrographer, Director General of the OJSS “State Scientific Research Institute of Navigation and Hydrography”. In 1983 he graduated from the Naval Academy named after Marshal of the Soviet Union A.A. Grechko as an “Engineer in Navigation and Hydrography”. In 1972-90 served in the Northern Fleet starting as a head of the electro-navigational group  and, eventually, as the flagship navigator of the flotilla . In  1988-90 he was the flagship navigator of transarctic expeditions; from  1999 - Head of the State Scientific Research Navigation & Hydrography Institute of the MOD, supervisor of conversion developments of the Institute . Therewith he significantly contributed to the R&D projects on: work on the military-theoretical problems of interaction with natural environment, acquisition of data on the natural media in the control processes, development of technologies for complex exploration of the world ocean, technical compliance of surface ships with requirements for use of weapons of high precision, development of surface ship equipment users of satellite radio-navigational systems, perfection of the technologies mathematical (software) provision of complex processing  of the materials of hydrographic and oceanographic surveys, creation of complexes of take-off and touch-down  operations of ship aviation. In capacity of the flagship navigator he took part in 9 Trans-Atlantic submarine missions, including 5 under ice.
Doctor of Technical Sciences Vladimir S. Nikitin, Director General, “Zvezdochka” Center for Shiprepair
Doctor of technical sciences Vladimir Nikitin is Director General of the OJSS “Center for Shiprepair “Zvezdochka” . He graduated from Volgograd Polytechnical Institute in 1974. In 1974-94 worked at Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Zvezdochka”, having made a career from Ship Builder Assistant to Deputy Chief Engineer. In 1994-1998 he was Deputy Director and Head of the Department of commercial shipbuilding and marketing of FSUE “MP “Zvezdochka”. From 1998 through 2007 he worked as Director of the FSUE “Science & Research and Design & Technology Bureau “Onega”. During this time enterprise “Onega” got the status of the principal developer of technical documentation for repair of the nuclear submarines with prolongation of service of the complex ship equipment. This work succeeded in fulfilling the state task of prolongation of inter-repair term of service of atomic submarines of the Russian Navy.  From August 2007 he works as Director General of the OJSS “Zvezdochka”
Doctor of Technical Sciences Leonid A. Naumov, Director of the Institute of Marine Technology Problems of the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Corresponding Member of the RAS
Professor Naumov is a specialist in the field of computational complexes, systems and networks, modeling of radio-electronic devices of large dimension.  He authored 75 scientific research works, including 4 monograph and 6 patents.  Main scientific results include:                                                       - development of mathematical  models of irregular sea waves, ship motions and tethered submersible with account of distributed parameters of the umbilical and a method for compensation of the impact of ship motions upon the submersion depth of the submersible.
-  development of  theoretical basics of contactless transmission of electric energy to a submerged apparatus as well as technical means to realize such a transmission.                             He supervised and took part in fundamental research investigations intended for the developments of experimental prototypes of underwater robots. This research helped to successfully solve a number of unique and important problems of deep water ocean technology set up by the government of the RF and the Russian Navy. In August 2007 he headed a research expedition to investigate deep water shelf of the Russian Arctic sector with use of unmanned underwater vehicle Klavesin-1RВ, which was developed  and produced in series by the Institute of Marine Technology Problems.
Dr. Sergey G. Serdukov, Technical Director of the Nord Stream AG International Consortium
Sergey Serdukov worked as Director General of “Lentransgaz” (RAO “Gazprom” ) from 1996. He graduated from Novocherkask Polytechnical Institute as an engineer in Telemechanics and Automation, got his candidate of science degree in 1976. From 1975 he worked as a group engineer for supervision of the construction of the magistral pipelines. He then worked as a chief engineer of the URALINTERGAZSTROI amalgamation. In 1995-1996 - Director General of JSC “Kriogas” (Perm). At present Dr. Sergey Serdukov works in capacity of Technical Director of NORD STREAM AG.
Professor Victor ILIUKHIN- President of the Association for Development of Search and Rescue Technologies
Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, honoured inventor of the RF, laureate of the State prize of the Russian Federation of science and technology, Iliukhin Viktor Nikolaevich was a leading scholar in the field development of search and rescue support of marine operations. After graduating from the shipbuilding faculty of WMI them .F.A. Dzerzhinsky served on warships and rescue Navy, and after graduating from the naval Academy supervised research work 1989 - 2010, in 40 State research Institute of rescue works, diving and deep-Ministry of defense of Russia in the post of Deputy head Institute for scientific work. In the period of 1996-2010 he participated in the meetings of the working groups NATO in the framework of project "Russia-NATO" to rescue the crews of emergency submarines and development of the international component system rescue the crews of emergency submarines.
Since 1999, directs the work of the Technical Committee standardization hyperbaric technology "TC-416", and since 2007 also actively participates in the work of the scientific-expert Council of the Maritime Collegium of the Government of the Russian Federation.
Professor V. N. ILYUKHIN. is the author of more than 370 scientific works including the number of " Federal plan, search and rescue at sea and water basins of Russia", "The concept of creation and development of system of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations at sea and water basins of Russia", "Provision on cooperation emergency services of ministries, departments and organizations of the sea and water basins of Russia" , 9 monographs and more than 50 inventions .
        From  2009 Professor V. N. ILYUKHIN. manages a non-Profit organization " Association of development of search and rescue technics and technologies ", one of the objectives of which is coordination of activities of enterprises and organizations in the field of development of national search and rescue techniques and technologies.
Chris Welsh, co-founder of Virgin Oceanic
Chris Welsh, co-founder of Virgin Oceanic,  is an accomplished entrepreneur, sailor and aviator who recently finished 25,000 miles of intense competitive sailing. Born and raised in Newport Beach, CA, Chris has made five LA-Hawaii crossings and one LA-Tahiti-Tonga-Auckland-Tasmania crossing. These trips included skippering his 65′ (20M) race boat “Ragtime” to winning class in the 2008 Sydney-Hobart Race and winning overall the 2008 LA-Tahiti Transpac Race. Chris also won the 2010 Double Handed Guadalupe Island Race. Chris has raced Ragtime in all west coast venues from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas.    Adventure travel has included swimming with Great White sharks at Guadalupe Island, several cross country dirtbike trips including two 2,000 mile journeys exploring Baja California and two trips in the dirt from LA to Phoenix.
Chris is also a pilot with Single Engine, Multi-Engine, IFR, Glider, Seaplane and Helicopter ratings and has flown extensively in the Western United States, Alaska and Baja. He has flown his twin engine plane and his helicopter across the continental U.S.
Professor Iossif LEVIN, Saint-Petersburg Affiliation of the Institute of Oceanology  named   after P.P. Shirshov of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Iossif M. Levin works at Saint-Petersburg Affiliation of the Institute of Oceanology  named   after P.P. Shirshov of the Russian Academy of Sciences from 1981.  From 1991 to 2013 he was the Head of the Laboratory for Optics of the Ocean and Atmosphere. I.M. Levin authored more than 200 published scientific works, including 4 monographs and 8 patents. He is one of the creators of the modern theory of underwater vision.  He obtained new results in the transport theory of pulsed radiation in three-layer medium (atmosphere, cloud layer, water), in the development of optical models of the ocean and oceanic atmosphere and methods for remote determination of the concentrations of optically active substances in the ocean based on the theory of optimal planning of experiments.  From 1994 until present time I.M. Levin has been a leader of 14 projects of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research and 2 international projects. He also chaired 6 international conferences “Modern problems in Optics of Natural Waters”, which were attended by researchers of 15 countries. Under leadership of I.M. Levin his laboratory conducted joint research with the Institute of Applied Physics of Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, University of Michigan and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (USA), Institute of Oceanology (Poland), Institute of Oceanography (India) and the Institute of Technology (China). I.M. Levin is a member of the editorial board of the journal “Fundamental and Applied Hydrophysics”. In 2007 he was presented with a prize named after D.S. Rozhdestvensky, which is awarded every three years for the best work in the field of optics, for a cycle of his research works entitled  “Theory of Instrumental Vision of Underwater Objects”.
Dr. Evgeny Toropov - Chief Designer of the Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering RUBIN
Dr. Evgeny Toropov graduated Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute (at present Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University)in 1982. From 1982 until present time he has been working at Central Design Bureau for Marine  Engineering RUBIN. At present Dr. Toropov is Chief Designer of the projects of offshore structures. He is a candidate of technical sciences specializing in hydrotechical engineering.  He is the Chief Designer of the marine ice-resistant stationary platform PRIRAZLOMNAYA. At present Dr. Toropov is a Chief Designer of a number of projects of mobile and stationary marine platforms for different purposes and also Chief Designer of a complex of technical means  and equipment for underwater extraction of hydrocarbons.
Professor Valery T. GRUMONDZ, Moscow State University, Head Department SSPE “Region”
Valery Grumondz is a specialist in the theory of stability of motion, nonlinear oscillations, aerohydrodynamics, dynamics of underwater and two-media vehicles. Doctor of physical & mathematical sciences (1991), Professor (1993). 
He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov. He is a Professor of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) and Head of the Department of the State Science and Production Enterprise “Region”. 
Professor V.T. Grumondz authored more than hundred scientific publications, including six monographs. His main works are related to hydrodynamics  and dynamics of prospective flying, underwater and two-media vehicles of different purpose, including high-speed underwater apparatus.  
Alexander N. Smirnov is a  Deputy Director of the FSUE “VNIIOkeanologia named after I.S. Gramberg” on Research, Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, Honored Geologist of Russia.
In 1976 he graduated from Leningrad Mining Institute as a “Mining Engineer-Geologist”. In his scientific research work he has been specializing for many years in geology of placer minerals, main regions of research being the arctic  and far-east shelf regions of Russia. 
As a Deputy Director on Research Professor A.N. Smirnov leads several research directions of the Institute: complex regional geological investigations of the Globe’s Polar Regions, geological surveys in the basin of Arctic Seas, as well as the works on geological studies of mineral resource base of solid minerals of the Arctic and Northern Areas of the Russian Federation. 
He is also the chief executive and the author of principal parts of the large summarizing major thematic works carried out by the Institute, including (in recent years):

- in 2007-2011 “ Methodological provisions of geological exploration of minerals on the bottom of the World Ocean”;
- beginning from 2012 “Evaluation of perspectives for exploration  and development of the mineral resource potential of the Russian Arctic zone and adjacent regions of the Russian North”. These research projects give a system view of the types of industrially significant solid minerals in the hard-to-reach regions of the Earth, their localization as well as of the scale of the known and expected reserves and their value. The analysis of the natural conditions, sophistication of the infrastructure and degree of exploration of geological economic regions enables to acquire an objective judgment of the perspective of their development and to plan further geological exploratory and mining works for the immediate and remote future.
Dr. Alexander N. SMIRNOV - Deputy Director for Research of “VNIIOkeanologia”
Topic “Solid Minerals of the Shelf Areas  of Russia”
Rauf Karaev graduated from Shipbuilding Faculty of Odessa Institute of Engineers of Marine Fleet. He is a Candidate of Technical Sciences, Doctor Honoris Causa of Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University (formerly Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute), Foreign Member of the Russian Engineering Academy, full Member of the Ukranian Transport Academy? Full Member of the International Academy of Engineering. His professional activities are carried along three major directions: oil & gas exploration floating means, underwater technical and diving works, life safety of marine oilmen. His scientific and design developments embrace a wide spectra of issues
   related to design and modernization of floating oil & gas exploration structures and underwater servicing of marine oil & gas exploration fields, organization of safe transportation, ecological safety at the oil & gas exploration sites, technical operation of marine oil & gas structures, deep water diving complexes and survival at sea. Under his  supervision and with his own active participation there have been developed a number of regulatory  and technical documents which were, for the first time, published as books in Russian, Azerbaijani  and Vietnamese languages and have inter-industrial status.   He is the author of a package of initial technical requirements for the new floating means, which constitute the basis of the present Caspian Oil &Gas Exploration Fleet.  He is the author and direct participant of the construction of the largest in the CIS Training Centre for preservation of human life at sea of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijani Republic. One of the authors of the first Russian text-books “Ocean Technologies and Marine Operations on the Shelf” (2008) and “Technique and Technology of Underwater Servicing of Marine Oil & Gas Installations” (2012). Recipient of Krylov Gold Medal from Science and Technology Society of Shipbuilders of the Russian Federation and of the Title “Honored Inventor of the USSR”. Participant of many international and All-Russia conferences in Baku, Odessa, Vladivostok, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Rotterdam, Helsinki, Ho Chi Minh, Bergen and London.
Professor Rauf KARAEV - Doctor Honoris Causa of Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University

Science & Technology Society of Shipbuilders of the Russian Federation
St-Petersburg State Marine Technical University

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